Derbyshire Mammal Group Events 2018

Next event: Mammal recording walk - 10th February. Locko Park/Spondon area. Meet at large layby, Locko Road. SK402377. Contact Debbie Alston.

The 2018 Events programme is currently being put together. As usual, there'll be Small mammal trapping sessions, Dormouse box checks, a Mountain Hare walk and Harvest Mouse surveys. Also, throughout the year, starting 10th February, we're planning some mammal recording days in various parts of the county. There will also be an owl pellet analysis day in December.

Below is a selection of past events.

Dark Peak - March, 2016

mountain hare in spring still with mostly white fur

In late winter/early spring, DMG usually has a walk in the Dark Peak, looking for mountain hares, as well as other species that may be around.

On the March 2016 walk, starting at Fairholmes car park, nine hares were seen, some still pure white whereas others were starting to moult into their summer coats.

Photo: Dave Mallon

Wye Valley - January, 2012

DMG members looking on ground in woodland for hazel nuts

Looking in particular for evidence of dormouse-nibbled hazelnuts at a couple of locations in the Wye Valley

At least it was the weekend before the cold spell with the snow, or we might have had trouble getting to the pub afterwards.

Photo: Debbie Alston

Longdendale - March, 2010

A very enjoyable walk in Longdendale, looking for Mountain Hares, other mammals and other wildlife, followed by a meal at a local pub.

After a slow start, we saw around fifteen Mountain Hares, some high altitude molehills and signs of Field Vole and Fox.

Photo: Debbie Alston

Bay of Biscay - July, 2008

Twelve members of DMG were all at sea on a Whale and Dolphin themed Mini-cruise on the Pride of Bilbao.

Run as a collaboration between Biscay Dolphin Research programme and P&O Ferries, the trip provided excellent opportunities to see whales, dolphins and sea birds, as well as a short spell ashore in Spain.

Weekend away - Tring, Herts - September, 2007

A trip away to Hertfordshire for the weekend included a look around the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum on the Saturday and provided opportunities to see the Edible Dormouse Glis glis close at hand on the Sunday.

The latter are the subject of a study (rather than a conservation project) by Dr. Pat Morris and his team. Since being introduced to the Tring area in 1902 the population has thrived, with numbers estimated to be 10000 animals!

The photograph shows DMG member Ian Wildbur checking one of the 145 nest boxes.

Photo: Steve Docker

Mammal Symposium - Calver Village Hall - October 2006

Held by Derbyshire Mammal Group and Sorby Mammal Group, the event attracted over 70 people, including members of Staffordshire Mammal Group and Cheshire Mammal group.

The event saw the launch of the Mammal Atlas Project, which aims to produce an Atlas of Derbyshire Mammals as a book and in digital format.

Photo: Debbie Court

Upland water vole survey, Bar Brook - August 2006

Although no water voles were seen, there were plenty of indications that they were around, including droppings, feeding signs and footprints.

Later in the day, we dropped in at the nearby Ramsley reservoir, where a brown hare put in an appearance.

Photo: Steve Docker

Harvest Mouse Survey, Ogston Reservoir - November 2005

Surveying for evidence of harvest mice takes place in winter.

This involves searching for their summer nests in reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) and common reed (Phragmites communis) in wetland areas as well as in cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) and tufted hair grass (Deschampsia cespitosa) in rough grassland.

Photo: Anna Evans

Small mammal trapping, Carsington Water - September 2005

Mammal trapping was concentrated at Carsington Water in 2005.

Longworth traps were placed in suitable spots on the ground.

Early morning inspection of the Longworth traps put out the previous evening revealed, amongst other species...

... a bank vole, placed into a box for further inspection, before being released next to where it was trapped.

Other species trapped included common shrew, wood mouse and field vole.

Photos: Jenny Docker

Grey seals at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire - December 2004

A trip to the seaside? In December? Were we mad? Well, not when such excellent views of grey seals and their pups were on offer.

Photo: Steve Docker

Mammal Trapping Day, Allestree Park - May 2003

About 80 traps were set on the Saturday evening, the majority being Longworth traps, with a few Trip Traps.

Bank vole Wood mouse Better be quick berofe it gets away

Photos courtesy of : Jenny Wheeldon.

On Sunday morning we were out bright and early to find that 25 of them were occupied. The final count: 5 Bank Voles, 16 Wood Mice and 4 common shrews. Each animal was weighed, sexed and then released.

Harvest Mouse Survey Day, Erewash Meadows - February 2003

One of the first DMG events. A successful day at Erewash where a group of around 15 volunteers found a total of 20 harvest mice nests and also signs of field voles.

Person using GPS to get accurate grid references Showing one of the nests found

Photos courtesy of : Mike Ashford, Jenny Wheeldon.