Derbyshire Mammal Group events are open to Derbyshire Mammal Group members. To join DMG and receive details of further events and projects via our newsletter, please send your contact details, plus a cheque for £5.00 (payable to Derbyshire Mammal Group) to  DMG Treasurer: Shirley Cross, Harlestone, Beggarswell Wood, Ambergate,DE56 2HF

More about our activities

These usually include several small mammal trapping sessions, usually over  weekends,  an early spring day in the Dark Peak looking for Mountain Hares, searching for Harvest Mouse nests in winter and Dormouse nest box checks. We may also have a day or two away in a different part of the country on a mammal-related event.
DMG usually has a presence at various events around the county, such as; Bio-blitzes, shows and open days.

Below are a few examples of past events.

Nut Hunt

Looking for dormouse-nibbled hazelnuts in the Wye Valley. Dormice have a particular way of nibbling through the shell of the nut, leaving characteristic markings that are different in appearance to those caused by wood mice and bank voles, for example.

Mountain Hare Walk

This usually takes place in March (weather permitting), where we look for Mountain Hares high up in the dark peak. We usually see other mammals or at least signs of them, and other wildlife.

Harvest Mouse Surveys

Searching for Harvest Mouse nests at Ogston Reservoir, November 2005. Looking in winter is necessary, so that the nests will no longer be occupied.