Mammal Recording

Please record your sightings or signs of mammals in Derbyshire!

If you see signs of mammal activity when you're out and about in the county, please tell us about them. Apart from live sightings, 'signs' can include droppings, road kills, molehills, nests etc. There are several ways of reporting mammal sightings or signs:

If you have a smartphone, you can send them via the Mammal Mapper app. You can find more information here.

You can use the iRecord online biological recording website. iRecord can be found here

Use the online recording form, which automatically sends in the record to us. This is a good method to use if you are only sending in a few records.

Fill in the revised excel recording form. Guidance notes on filling this in are available which can be viewed in word format or pdf format. The recording form can be sent by email to the DMG mammal recorder.

This is the best method to use if you have many records to send in.

Please remember to complete the form as fully as you can. It is particularly important to include the four Ws:

What you saw,

Who saw it,

When you saw it


Where you saw it.